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Library Media Center

The library is open daily from 6:45 a.m. until 2:12 p.m. for students who want to check out books, read magazines, or study. Students are welcome to use the library before school, during ELA class, and anytime with permission from a teacher.

More than 13,000 books on a wide variety of subjects and genres are available for student use. Students are allowed up to three books at a time; however, if more titles are needed, library staff may approve the student borrowing more titles. No fines are assessed for overdue items, but students are encouraged to bring books in for renewal. Students may be responsible for the cost of lost or damaged materials.

Explore the Antioch Library on the media center website!

District Library Information

Library Contacts:

Dara Wood - Library Media Specialist

Dana Hayes - Library Paraprofessional